1. Read the "Leader's and Parents' Guide"
  2. Submit $210 to the Ward by April 12th (or other amount based on fundrasing)
  3. Return "Merit Badge Planning Sheet" to me by May 17th
  4. Have physician fill out "Annual Health and Medical Record" and hand it in by June 15th
  5. Fill out and sign"LDS Permission Slip" and hand it in by June 15th
  6. Hand in "COPE Consent Form" (all Scouts) by June 15th
  7. Hand in a copy of your son's current insurance card by June 15th



This year camp will be July 6th to July 11th. We will leave early on July 6th from the church so we can get to camp and begin the day's activities. Checkout time on the 11th will happen by 10 AM, so we will return to the church around 11 AM.

Cost for Scouts to attend camp is $210 and fees are due by April 15th. Fundraisers have already hadppened and are in the works. Please make sure your son is encouraged to raise his own funds to attend camp. If financing is a problem, Bishop Thurman is available to discuss how the church might help.


We will be in the Musket campsite at Ingersoll. We will be staying in Troop tents and using the patrol method of cooking. The patrol method of cooking means that Ingersoll brings us the food, and we cook it on a sheepherders' stove.

COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) consists of a series of obstacles and challenges designed to foster problem-solving skills and group interaction for Scouts 13 years and older. Let me know if your son is interested in COPE. All Scouts need to fill out the "COPE Consent Form" since we will be visiting the climbing wall.

Families are invited to come to camp and see what activities their Scouts have come across in their day-to-day activities at camp. Family night is Friday, July 10th. At 5 PM a picnic style dinner is provided to parents and family members for $6 a person. Tickets for this dinner can be purchased at the Trading Post. The schedule is as follows:

  • 5-6 PM - Picnic Dinner at Dining Hall and Trailblazer
  • 6:30 PM - Order of the Arrow Pow-Wow. The Order of the Arrow Dance Team will be performing Native American dances, and inviting parents, family members, and Scouts to participate in the evening campfire location
  • 7:00 PM - Campfire - guests are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets
  • 7:50 PM - Flag Ceremony
  • 8:00 PM - OA Call-Out Ceremony


Typically, Scouts arrive at camp on Sunday and take care of registering for merit badges and taking swim tests. However, since we do not travel on Sundays, we will be taking our swim tests at an earlier date. The "Swim Classification" form will help us get our young men's swim tests taken care of before camp. Also, since we will not be there on Sunday to register our Scouts for merit badges, I will need to get your desired merit badge schedule by May 17th.

Also before camp, we need to have a doctor fill out BSA's new Annual Health and Medical Record. I also will need an LDS Permission Slip and Medical Treatment form before your son can attend camp. Those adults who will be attending camp also need to have a doctor fill out BSA's new Annual Health and Medical Record. These forms are due to me by June 15th.


Letter to Parents
Leader's and Parents' Guide (800k)
Merit Badge Schedule
Merit Badge Planning
Annual Health and
Medical Record

LDS Permission Slip
Cope Consent Forms
Swim Classification

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